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  • Sunset Western Garden Book, 8th edition. 2007. Contributing writer.

  • The Berry Botanic Garden Guide: Gardening for Wildlife, native plant flashcards
    By Lisa Albert & Carolyn Devine. 2005.

    This “must have” resource for gardeners is filled with detailed information on 40 top-notch native plants, a handy reference for poison oak identification and tips for gardening for birds, butterflies and the earth. The plants, organized by plant community (wetland, savannah, prairie and coniferous forests), are kid-safe with non-toxic or edible berries. Beautiful color photographs, botanical illustrations and keys indicating sun exposure, water needs and wildlife value adorn the front of each plant card. The reverse side features a wealth of fully researched information--including some never before published--on landscape uses, transplanting and maintenance care, habitat value and propagation methods.

    Discover the complex relationships between plants and animals as you take steps toward creating a wildlife-friendly garden, regardless of your location. The flashcard design offers a fun way to quiz yourself on plant names and data and amaze everyone with your knowledge of way cool facts. What plant was known as “devil wood” to French Canadian trappers? What is a beardtongue? What kind of sex life do sword ferns have? What was the original name of San Francisco? Find the answers to these questions along with other fun facts inside.

    The Berry Botanic Garden Guide: Gardening for Wildlife, native plant flashcards was produced by The Berry Botanic Garden, the Bureau of Land Management and the OSU 4-H Wildlife Stewards. Sales benefit The Berry Botanic Garden.

    Copies are available for $15 each through The Berry Botanic Garden. Shipping and handling is $4 for the first set and $1 for each additional set. To order, call or mail payment (do not send cash) to:
    The Berry Botanic Garden
    11505 SW Summerville Ave
    Portland, OR 97219
    Phone: 503-636-4112, ext. 102
    Email: register@berrybot.org
    The Berry Botanic Garden

    Also available at:
    Powell's Books for Cooks and Gardeners (in store only)
    Garden Mind, 4136 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland Oregon. (503)235-3974
    Livingscape Nursery

  • 4-H Fish Stewards, Classroom Curriculum for grades 4-5.
    Oregon State University Extension Service. 2002.
    By Lisa Albert, Becky Bard, and Maureen Hosty.

Photos and Text, Copyright ©2007 Lisa Albert. All rights reserved.

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