Look ma, (almost) no tail!

(This entry was originally posted Monday, 7/2/07 on my website in a foolish attempt to create a blog without blog software.)

One of my favorite things to do when I take a break from gardening tasks is to sit and peer into my pond. It’s so restful and yet there’s also much life going on in my tiny puddle of a pond.

I could barely contain my excitement this weekend when I spotted a tadpole so danged close to adulthood, it had crept out of the water and onto a lily pad.

It was only when I cropped and sharpened this image, that I noticed what had its rapt attention – 2 mating insects coming dangerously close, unaware they could be dinner any moment. I know love can make us blind but I didn’t think that applied to the insect world. I’ve no idea if they survived to mate again or if my little froggie had an afternoon snack.

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