That’s how the boulder crumbles

(This entry was originally posted Sunday, 7/29/07 on my website in a foolish attempt to create a blog without blog software.)

We tackled the wall between the steps and the waterfall. The one big rock right next to the waterfall (at the edge of this photo) was too big for us to pick up and carry. It wasn’t so bad getting it out of its place in the other hillside and rolled onto the patio but we didn’t think we could heft it to its new home. We guessed it was close to 200 lbs. So G decided that he’d roll it from the far side of the patio and up the hill.

Sounds like a good plan, right?

It worked for a few rolls, and then, dang it, the top half of the rock cracked off.


Instead of crying over a split rock, we decided to look on the bright side. We now had two manageable halves, not one huge rock and it was a clean break – all good things. It was much easier to put it in place and place the top back on so that the break was barely noticeable.

We still need to figure out how to merge this space to the edge of the pond but that will wait for another day.

Oh, yes, we laid sod, too! Doesn’t it look nice? Amazing that an non-lawn aficionado like me can be so pleased with new sod.

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