Stepping up to the challenge

(This entry was originally posted Saturday, 7/14/07 on my website in a foolish attempt to create a blog without blog software.)

We finished the wall we started almost a month ago and added steps. Isn’t it a thing of beauty?

That’s 4 steps, 8 stones, 960 total pounds. Let me tell you there were many ughs, grunts and groans in the process.

But, oh, so worth it! I’ve run up and down the steps many, many times, giggling and grinning like the fool I am. Who’d a thunk that such a simple thing as a few stone steps would delight me so much? Certainly not me.

The soil in front is waiting for sod. The lawn level had sunk below patio grade about 1 1/2″ but what surprised us was the 4″ drop just a few feet away at the base of the slope. We debated how to fix it and in the end, hauled in soil and opted for sod. I can’t wait to see the sod in place. That’s right, me, the one who is usually ho-hum about lawn can’t wait to see new grass go down. Will wonders never cease.

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